The New SATO Sample Labelling System

For phlebotomy blood tube & clinical sample labelling

The TH2 intelligent printer has been specifically designed for fast generation of blood tube and other clinical label samples. Secure labelling at the point of collection is now possible in healthcare locations such as hospitals and clinics which employ electronically printed patient safety wristbands.

The wristband data can be captured automatically to output high quality printed sample ID labels with secure patient details. Clear, accurate print is displayed eliminating the risks associated with hand-written labelling. Accurate sample time and date stamp is an additional benefit.

If your organisation is using electronically printed patient safety wristbands and is now using a 2D barcode containing patient data, or is moving towards 2D barcodes on wristbands, the SATO system will complete the process security.

The TH2 label printer can be easily customised to perform the tasks required by any department. No PC or ink is required for operation and a full range of barcodes can be accurately printed for secure scanning at further identification process points.

Mobility is achieved by the internal, high-capacity battery. For other functions such as drug or food labelling the internal database can hold around 1 million items for immediate recall. The database is quickly updateable.

The antimicrobial printer casing assists in limiting the proliferation of bacteria.
• Accurate & legible sample label
• Easy to use with fast data capture
• Cuts down the time to complete
   the sample collection and
• Increased patient safety
• Barcode identification print
• Portable and cost-effective
• Eliminates unidentified or
   difficult to identify samples and
   subsequent re-testing
• Pathology proven label materials
   in standard sizes to fit all tube