PJM Blood Safety

Unlike other types of RFID technologies, PJM RFID is entirely unaffected by blood which makes it ideal for tracking blood. PJM RFID provides high speed, reliability of operation and 100% accuracy for blood tracking.

SATO VICINITY’s industry leading RFID Tunnel and Fridge readers provide reliable and 100% accurate tracking of blood supply chain and management of blood inventory.

SATO VICINITY’s StackTags® technology allows whole blood, plasma, platelets and other related products to be tracked as bulk shipments, or closely stacked in cool storage, without any reduction in performance.

Key Benefits

Reduced blood product wastage
• By providing full supply chain visibility, reducing wastage from shipping
• By having full visibility of cold chain compliance within blood processing
   centers, blood banks and hospital wards, unnecessary disposal of units can
   be dramatically reduced or eliminated
• Identify potential for wastage before it is too late. If blood has not arrived
   at its destination in a timely manner, an alert can be activated
• Real-time visibility of national blood stock enables reduction in inventory
   levels through more efficient use of existing stock, increased confidence in
   ability to supply, and reduced the  need for "safety stock" at a local level.
   Reduced inventory means reduced wastage.

Increased patient safety
• Better assurance of blood product quality
• High level automated verification reduces potential for blood handling
• PJM RFID eliminates barcode scanning errors

Increased efficiency of your supply chain
• Know where blood units are at each stage of the supply chain
• Automated and accurate picking and packing processes - Remove manual
   scanning and eliminate shipping errors
• Reduced time-to-freezer for Plasma improves product quality

Greater visibility of fate-of-unit

• Provides an automatic audit trail of blood units as they move from the
   blood processing center, to the laboratory and remote fridges
• No manual counting and verification required
• Reduces workload of staff to record unit movements


How to Get Started with PJM RFID?

Retrofit current storage facilities
SATO VICINITY’s blood-fridge shelving can be retrofitted to many existing blood fridges, while receipt and dispatch of bulk units can be easily handled with our RFID tunnel reader.

Apply PJM RFID labels to units
At any stage of the life of the blood unit, adhesive labels that are embedded with an RFID tag, can be attached to blood bags. These tags can hold up to 8kb of information, enabling data to be directly written to the blood unit. The PJM RFID shelving reads the presence of the tagged blood bags and tracks when a unit is removed or added.

Complete real time tracking procedure
The 3D field of the PJM RFID shelving means red blood cells can be stored "normally" in a blood fridge. With SATO VICINITY's blood fridge shelving, there is no need to stack blood units in a specific manner. Units can be stacked, laid flat, vertically or sideways - PJM RFID effectively reads blood units however they are stored. With PJM RFID, a system has the ability to alert users when certain units are close to expiry or have been out of a controlled environment for an unsafe time.

A company that actually works for you

SATO VICINITY understands that each company is unique. We recognise that each company has developed its own best-in-class operations differently, having different needs and priorities. This is why we don't tell you this is the world standard practice and you should change your way to fit to the system. Instead, we endeavor to understand your business requirements, address your concerns and go the extra mile to tailor our solutions. We work for you, you don't have to work for us.


An RFID technology that you don't have to workaround

SATO VICINITY understands you finally found us after many years of solving problems for RFID, typically in the Healthcare sector. We know you are looking for a robust RFID technology that you can dump your problems into instead. We know you don't want to hear 100 rules you need to follow to make the RFID work. We know you don't want to hear 100 other possibilities why RFID is not working. We are the company offering the single point of responsibility for core RFID technologies with chips, tags, readers and printers - all designed and built by us, much needed in the industry. All you have to worry about is your own business, not the RFID technology you have.