PJM RFID-enabled Cabinet 

We understand the difficulty of managing critical inventory.
How much could you save if you could have instant, precise inventory information from anywhere in the world?  What if you could also enforce First In First Out operation and keep a record of who accessed your stock?

The PJM RFID-enabled Cabinet delivers unprecedented real-time inventory accuracy and accountability in a simple, interactive package that can improve operations while it delivers accuracy.

A company that actually works for you

SATO VICINITY understands that each company is unique. We recognise that each company has developed its own best-in-class operations differently, having different needs and priorities. This is why we don't tell you this is the world standard practice and you should change your way to fit to the system. Instead, we endeavor to understand your business requirements, address your concerns and go the extra mile to tailor our solutions. We work for you, you don't have to work for us.


An RFID technology that you don't have to workaround

SATO VICINITY understands you finally found us after many years of solving problems for RFID, typically in the Healthcare sector. We know you are looking for a robust RFID technology that you can dump your problems into instead. We know you don't want to hear 100 rules you need to follow to make the RFID work. We know you don't want to hear 100 other possibilities why RFID is not working. We are the company offering the single point of responsibility for core RFID technologies with chips, tags, readers and printers - all designed and built by us, much needed in the industry. All you have to worry about is your own business, not the RFID technology you have.