It goes without saying that hospitals should be as safe and error-free as we can possibly make them. One of the major causes of error is the failure of accurate patient identification. SATO has been involved in the development of straightforward, yet fail-safe systems of positive patient identification for many years, working with individual hospitals and healthcare organisations to produce solutions which would fit perfectly with their specific environment.

SATO wristbands are made with the strongest and softest materials to offer a smooth experience to patients while ensuring maximum safety during their stay. Thermal printing technology guarantees a crisp and durable print of information, linked to each individual electronic medical file by a simple barcode scan or the use of RFID technology.


Patient ID wristbands based on thermal transfer technology



Patient ID wristbands based on
 direct thermal technology

• Adult wristands
• Children wristands
• Maternity wristands
• Best in class quality and
• Clip fastening
• Thermal transfer print method 
   (need ribbon)

• Adult wristands
• Children wristands
• Maternity wristands
• Superior quality and resistance
• Clip and adhesive fastening
• Direct thermal print method